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Cuzzin's Candy

Enjoy Old Time Candies

Offering 50+ flavors of taffy , homemade fudge (told they have the best in town), unique chocolates, gummy's, jelly belly's, ice cream, & more!

Cuzzin's Candy Taffy

These sweet little faces are ready to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer. We are officially the new owners of Cuzzins Candy store in Park Rapids, MN. In addition to Summerhill, will keep our current location on Main Street, but will also be just north of town offering treats at Summerhill Adventure.

We are so excited to continue offering candy on Main Street since the 60’s! We will keep all the old time favorites but hope to add some Paul Bunyan logs and Loonies.

We are also looking forward to the family adventure of owing/running a business and the many things our kids will learn. We hope that customer satisfaction and helping others will be at the top of that list.

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